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Kitty Hawk News

Kitty Hawk Supports Local Elementary School

This year, Kitty Hawk continued our financial support to the nearby Potomac Elementary School in Dahlgren, VA. Kitty Hawk Technologies strongly supports our local communities, and we’re proud that Potomac Elementary has set aside the donation as a special fund for teachers. Teachers often need specific items for a project, unit, or some piece of equipment that will make their job easier; unfortunately, budgetary realities increasingly force these teachers to fund these out of their own pocket. At Kitty Hawk, we are proud to support the teachers at Potomac Elementary School, especially since we share a mascot!


Kitty Hawk Receives ISO 9001 Certification

On Thursday, 18 January 2018, Kitty Hawk Technologies successfully passed its initial ISO 9001 certification audit, and was recommended by the auditor for certification by the International Organization for Standardization. By successfully completing the rigorous implementation program (without a single discrepancy), Kitty Hawk has obtained international recognition that our quality management system has met the highest standards for process and quality assurance. This certification is notable in that provides a tangible demonstration of Kitty Hawk’s commitment to repeated and demonstrated quality. While ISO certification by itself doesn’t in fact guarantee or ensure the quality of our products, it does however recognize the methods by which we develop and measure those processes that enhance the quality of our products.